Petmate Open Litter Pan as the name suggests is an open litter box specially designed to offer cats plenty of room and quick accessibility. The high walls and sides of this unit prevent litter from scattering on the floor, and the spacious uncovered pan gives plenty of space to even large cat breeds to do their business inside the box! The unit provides enough room for cats to turn around, allowing cats to effortlessly rotate at an angle of 360. Furthermore, the box is made of durable plastic that can withstand continuous use and has a smooth non-stick finish that prevents stains from sticking to the pan and allows easy cleaning.

Struggling to get a litter box for large or multiple cats? The Petmate Open Litter Pan is the best solution out there. No matter how much large or fat your kitty is, this litter box can easily accommodate all size of cats, provides them enough room to turn around, go back and forth, and do their business comfortably. Most cats hate going into covered and dark litter boxes, but with Petmate Open Litter Box cats don’t feel any sort of discomfort.

How Petmate Open Litter Pan Works?

The mechanism of Petmate Open Litter Pan is pretty straightforward. Cats can easily jump into the box, do their business, and jump out without any hassle. The U-shaped curve on the front makes it easy for the cat to jump into the box and the higher sides help reduce litter scatters.

Why Should I Purchase Petmate Open Litter Pan?

The Petmate Open Litter Pan is an uncovered litter box for cats. The open top is designed to offer kitties with plenty of room and easy accessibility. Many cats meow or hesitate before entering the covered litter boxes, but with Petmate Open cat’s don’t feel any sort of discomfort. They can jump inside, answer the call of nature, and jump outside. *As per recent studies, a majority of cats feel comfortable in uncovered litter boxes, just like this Petmate Open Litter Pan.

The unit is very much comfortable for large cats. They can easily maintain their posture during elimination, turn around, and stretch. If your pet is going through a back pain, he may find pooping inside the covered box difficult, but with Petmate he can go back and forth, turn around, and answer the call of nature without making their body feel compressed or tight!

The extra-tall walls and deep litter pan, are perfect for preventing litter scatters and urine spray.

With an uncovered litter box like Petmate Open, the cleaning process has become pretty simple. Unlike covered litter pans, you don’t have to unscrew those latches on the side and remove the lid every time to see if the box needs cleaning or not. The open litter box makes the cleaning process super-easy! Furthermore, the high-polished and super-smooth plastic surface makes cleaning a breeze. All those stains or sticky waste on the walls can be easily washed off in an instant.

Hooded litter boxes keep odors down, thumbs up from pet owners because the surrounding smells less, but thumbs down from cats, because the litter box stinks inside as the unpleasant smell is trapped inside. So thinking from a cat’s perspective, uncovered litter boxes make them feel more comfortable and avoid the displeasures of doing their business in that smelly, dark covered litter box!

The Petmate Open Litter Pan makes the wet litter dry out quickly. The good air circulation around the box accelerates the drying process. On the other hand, covered litter boxes prevent air circulation keep the litter inside wet longer. This is of course not a problem for cat owners but think of your pet who has to step inside a dirty, smelly, and damp litter box every time she answers the call of nature. So the Petmate Open Litter Pan is the best solution to your cat’s needs.

According to a recent study, cats in nature, love to eliminate in open spaces. The Petmate Open Litter Pan is the litter box that your cats will love!

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  • The uncovered litter pan offers plenty of room and easy accessibility to cats
  • Easy in-and-out access for cats
  • Comfortable for large cats because the open space allows them to easily maintain their posture during elimination
  • Easy to use both for pets and their owners
  • Easy cleaning +The open top makes it easy to see what your pet did so that you can scoop it out immediately and dispose of it
  • The non-stick plastic finish makes cleaning a breeze
  • A majority of cats love eliminating in open
  • Perfect for cats who have back pain


  • Unlike covered boxes, open litter pan can’t contain smell in it. Your home may smell bad if scooping is not done on regular basis
  • Does not offer privacy to cats
  • Not suitable for cats who love playing or digging in litter boxes, as the litter mostly gets out from the pan
  • Doesn’t prevent litter tracking
  • Cats may drag litter out

There are no feet on the bottom of the box. It does not have good grip on the floor and may slip here and there when cat jumps in or jumps out

Kids love playing in the sand, and dogs are attracted to cat litter boxes because of their scent. With a cover, you can avoid this problem but with an open litter pan, you don’t have any option to get rid of this problem.

The box may turn upside down

My Experience With Petmate Open Litter Pan:

I ordered Petmate Open Litter Pan for my kitty who weighs 9lbs. The dimensions of the box are 25.6 x 18.3 x 10 inches; 2.2 pounds and can hold over 30 lbs. Of litter. The unit gives her enough space to turn around, stretch, and maintain her posture during elimination. She shows no signs of hesitation before entering the box, in fact, she loves the pan due to its easy access and an open top.

However, there are some problems that I have to face. The kitty sometimes drags litter out (just a few litter). I have to scoop the litter pan on regular basis otherwise it starts smelling bad. As there’s no covering, so you have to keep it out of reach of small kids or babies.

*When my kitty hops out, she does track a small amount of litter that is now caught by a scrap piece of carpet I placed underneath. You can try the same easy fix with yours too 😉

Final Verdict:

The Petmate Open Litter Pan provides a great solution for large or multiple felines. It’s extensive size and high dividers contain waste and prevent scatter. If you can regularly scoop the litter pan, and keep small kids out of range, the Petmate Open Litter Pan is the best open cat box out there.