Petmate Giant Litter Pan, as the name suggests, is a ‘giant’ open litter pan which offers a great solution for large cat breeds. The spacious unit can easily accommodate cats up to 10 lb, and once inside, cats can easily turn around at an angle of 360, go back-and-forth, stretch, and maintain the right posture during elimination. The large-sized and high walls of the until contain cat’s waste and help prevent litter scatter. The product is made of non-stick and durable plastic, that is easy to clean and can be used for many years without cracking or breaking!

The Petmate Giant Litter Pan has made lives of cats and their owners easy. Normal litter pans don’t offer enough space to large cats to do their business comfortably, as they get no wide space to turn around properly, and every time entering the pan they have to squeeze their bodies, but Petmate has solved all such problems by introducing their giant litter pan in the market. Big cats can now easily step into the pan, and do their business comfortably without forcibly pushing their bodies in tightly covered boxes!


Why Should I Invest In Petmate Giant Litter Pan?

The Petmate Giant is an oversized and open feline litter pan that can fit the largest of cats. It is ideal for cats that require a plenty of room to answer the call of nature and those that don’t like the confines of a hooded box. The deep-sized, uncovered pan provides enough room for your pet to do his business.

Cleaning litter boxes is a distasteful task for cat owners as you have to scrub hard to remove those marks. But with Petmate Giant Open Litter Pan cleaning has become super-easy. The unit is manufactured using non-stick plastic that prevents marks from sticking. The super smooth plastic wipes clean with a damp cloth!

Litter scattered everywhere, OMG! Only cat owners can understand the troubles when it comes to cleaning litter everytime your cat uses that litter box! Fortunately, the Petmate Giant Pan comes with walls that are high enough to keep litter from scattering on the floor. But if your naughty kitty has the habit of dragging out litter high, you can place a scrap piece of carpet underneath to catch the litter.

“Litter boxes should be designed specifically for cats”. According to cat behaviorists, cats prefer clean, large, and open litter pans. So Petmate Giant Litter Pan enhances the lives of pets and keep them satisfied with their toilets 😉

The Petmate Giant Pan is easy to use for both owners and cats. You don’t have to scoop the box by taking off the lid, and then again fastening it back. When everything is open, you can simply see what your kitty did, and use the scoop to dig it out immediately! From a cat’s perspective, this uncovered litter pan offers them easy in-and-out access and makes it easy for them to do their business comfortably.

Last but not the least, the Petmate Giant Open Litter Pan is made using recycled plastic 🙂

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  • Provides spacious room for large cats
  • Easy in-and-out access for cats
  • Easy to clean
  • High walls prevent litter scatter
  • Does not contain poop smell inside, thumbs up from cat’s perspective!
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  • Not suitable for cats who prefer privacy



Unlike hooded litter pans, this unit does not trap smell inside, thumbs from cat’s perspective, but thumbs down from owner’s perspective as there would be an unpleasant smell in your home!

If your cat has the habit of digging litter and dragging it out, some litter may scatter on the floor.

As this unit is uncovered, so you have to keep it out of reach of small children and pets such as dogs. This is because small kids love playing with sand, and dogs are attracted to cat litter because of its scent.

The unit may accidentally turn upside down, with litter scattered everywhere on the floor.

My Experience With Petmate Giant Open Litter Pan:

The Petmate Giant is the best open litter pan on the market. Most hooded boxes on the market were basically too small for my 10lb cat. She had to squeeze her body to get in that tight space, and her ability to eliminate in such a small space was a challenging task. Fortunately, the Petmate Giant Litter Pan has made my pet’s life easier as she can easily turn around at an angle of 360, stretch properly inside, and maintain her posture for an easy elimination! The only major downside of this box is that I have to do the scoping process on daily basis, but I don’t bother this too much because my kitty is very much satisfied with this unit 🙂

Final Verdict:

The Petmate Giant is a huge pan that is perfect for larger cats. The pan provides a spacious room for large cats to move around in and the sides are high enough so litter does not go everywhere. The Petmate Giant Open Litter Pan is a pan that will keep your kitty very much satisfied!