The Littermaid P-70000 Disposable Cat Litter Box is a convenient, and easy-to-use litter box. The box is made of a material that is highly durable and leakproof. The unit keeps litter dry and fresh for several days and does not leak or shred. The P-70000 is made from 100% recycled material, with each box lasting up to two weeks.

If you are looking for a disposable litter box that is stable, doesn’t break or leak, and is great for everyday use, then the Littermaid P-7000 is the best solution out there. This box is a perfect fit and makes cleaning fast, easy, and eco-friendly.

Features Of Littermaid P-70000 Disposable Litter Box

1). The P-70000 box is made from 100% recycled paper. The biodegradable design promotes airflow to help keep litter dry and fresh for a longer period.

2). The unit is made of a material that is high-quality and durable. The sturdy construction will not leak, tear, or break under normal litter box usage. The boxes are absorbent so no plastic liner is needed 🙂

3). The Littermaid P-70000 Disposable Litter Pack comes in large size which can easily accommodate cats of all sizes. Your kitty can turn around, position herself properly over the litter, and do her business with comfort!

4). The surface of P-70000 is non-sticky. If your cat urinates, the pee is able to clump and not stick to the bottom of the box. When scooping, it does not leave crumbled cat pee chunks behind.

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  • Convenient & Easy-To-Use
  • Environment-Friendly
  • Allows for a one-step cleaning process
  • Works with any style of litter
  • Does not leak, tear, or shred under normal litter box usage
  • Affordable & easy to maintain
  • Offers plenty of room and easy accessibility to cats



  • No odor control
  • No privacy for cats
  • Your kitty may drag litter out

Kids love playing in the sand, and dogs are attracted to cat litter boxes because of their scent. With a cover, you can avoid this problem but with open litter pan like P-70000, you don’t have any option to get rid of this problem.

Awareness: The LITTERMAID P-70000 is a great way to keep your cat’s litter box clean and tidy.

Interest: These disposable liners are easy to use and make cleanup a breeze.

Desire: With no more scrubbing or scooping, you’ll be able to spend more time playing with your kitty.

Action: Order your LITTERMAID P-70000 today!

My Experience With LitterMaid P-70000 Disposable Litter Box

I have tried litter boxes of all kinds – covered, uncovered, automatic, dome, etc. I found this is the best litter box for cats.  The automatic ones proved helpful for my kitty, as their self-cleaning process made the litter box clean for the cat after each use, but they didn’t really help me! I still had to scoop the stuck-on waste clumps and small clumps that the automatic rake didn’t pick up. And there would always be poop stuck on the rake tines.

One of my friends advised me to try disposable litter boxes. So I decided to order Littermaid P-70000 Disposable Litter Box for my kitty. At first, I was afraid they would leak or tear. But thankfully they are really durable, strong, sturdy, and stay dry. They are highly affordable and less expensive than other brands. Each box lasts about 7-10 days before I dispose and change it. Or if I scoop it, each box can last more than 10 days. Furthermore, the Littermaid Disposable Litter Box is great for road trips.

I would definitely recommend using LitterMaid P-70000 Disposable Litter Box. The product does what it says, and works great with no leaks or loss of integrity.

*Just make sure that you keep this box out of reach of children and other pets.

Final Verdict:

The LitterMaid P-70000 Disposable Litter Box is great for everyday use. The boxes are very stable and don’t leak while keeping the litter drier and fresher longer. The spacious tray allows cats to maintain their position while eliminating. With so many key benefits, the P-70000 is a must-try!