The Littermaid LM980 Mega Self Cleaning Litter Box keeps your cat’s litter box neat and tidy without having to manually scoop the litter on daily basis. The box is equipped with advanced technology that automatically scoops the litter into the waste bin underneath, and the attached carbon filters keep your home smelling fresh. With the Littermaid LM980 your kitty’s litter box will be clean, fresh, and without odor all day!

In this modern world, humans are highly reliant on the latest technology to make their lives easier. Everyone loves raising cats, but all of us hate scooping the litter manually, and getting in contact with the stink and mess of cat litter – YEW!

Auto-litter boxes have made the lives of both pets and their owners easier. With the auto-cleaning process, you don’t have to scoop litter twice or thrice a day, you get to enjoy more time with your sweet pet cats, and you don’t have to bear the unpleasant smell around the litter box.

In-Dept Details Of Littermaid LM980 Mega Self-Cleaning Litter Box

With Littermaid LM980 Self-Cleaning Litter Box, your cat’s litter can now be cleaned all day. The box comes with an extra large basin and high-side walls, that can easily accommodate cats over 15lbs and prevent litter from spilling out, respectively. The LM980 automatically scoops cat’s waste from the box and deposits it into a separate compartment, while the attached carbon filters absorb the odors. It is the best cat litter box for this year!

Here we are sharing the in-depth details of the Littermaid LM980 Litter Box. You will get to know it’s special features, specs, and working mechanism.

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*Note: We aren’t paid to make the review. It’s an honest review that is purely intended to direct you in the right direction of picking the perfect self-cleaning litter box for your pet.

1). Littermaid LM980 is a mega self-cleaning litter box. Most litter pans are too small to accommodate cats properly. Fortunately, the LM980 comes with a large basin that gives plenty of space to cats to do their business comfortably. Cats up to 15lbs can easily turn around, stretch, and answer the call of nature without making their bodies feel compressed or tight.

2). The LM980 Litter Pan prevents litter from scattering out, thanks to it’s high-sides. If your cat has the habit of dragging out litter, the high walls of the pan do their job pretty well in minimizing litter scatter and keep the area around neat and tidy.

3). With Littermaid LM980, the headache of manually cleaning the litter box is no more! It gives you the freedom of scooping litter every day, and a happier cat and home. The unit comes with self-cleaning technology that takes the feline’s waste from the box and deposits it into a separate compartment known as the waste compartment.

The box is equipped with a motion or weight sensor that detects whether your cat is in the box or not. A few minutes after your cat has answered the call of nature in the litter box and departed, the litter box will automatically rake the litter and deposited the waste clumps in a contained waste receptacle, that is enclosed and cordoned off.

With Littermaid Mega Self-Cleaning Litter Box you need not deal with litter on daily basis. Your only job is to replace the receptacles!

4). Normally, when cats use litter pans, the litter sticks on their paws. Right after your cat has done its business, it jumps out of the litter pan, and the litter stuck on the paws gets scattered everywhere in your neat and tidy house! But with LM980 Mega self-cleaning litter box, the lives of pet owners have become easy. The unit is equipped with a textured exit ramp that removes any stray residue from the bottom of your cat’s paws and protects your floor from litter mess.

5). Dealing with unpleasant litter box smell is really difficult for pet owners. No one wants to get in contact with the disgusting smell of the box. The LM980 self-cleaning box is equipped with not one or two, but four carbon filters that reduce odors and keep the surroundings fresh. Whether you place the litter pan in your room or living area, you don’t have to worry about that nasty smell!

6). Another great feature of Littermaid 980 self-cleaning litter box is that it has an easy in-and-out access for cats. Cats can easily enter the pan, do their business comfortably in the spacious area, and easily walk out using the textured exit ramp. The unit is great for both small and medium-sized cats. The cat’s waste is disposed of 10 minutes after it leaves, making it clean and satisfactory for the next cat and so on.

How Does Littermaid LM980 Mega Self Cleaning Litter Box Works?

Here’s how the Littermaid box works:

The litter pan is equipped with motion sensors. Once the cat enters the box, the sensor gets blocked, and as soon as the cat exits the box, the sensor gets unblocked and starts the cleaning cycle. The cleaning process will begin after 10 minutes to ensure your cat is no longer in the box. If your cat re-enters the box during the cleaning cycle, the sensor will get blocked again and the cycle will stop.

During the cleaning cycle, the automatic rake goes forth-and-back to scoop the feline’s waste clumps into the waste receptacle.

How To Assemble Littermaid LM980 Mega Self Cleaning Litter Box?

The complete litter box unit is very easy to assemble and the assembling process merely takes 5 minutes. Here’s how to assemble the Littermaid LM980:

1). Place the receptacle in the compartment underneath.

2). Peel off the paper strips from the built-in carbon filters.

3). Attach the paw cleaning ramp by pushing it slightly.

4). At last, fill the tray with cat litter and use the scoop, that comes with the package, to evenly distribute litter in the litter tray. Make sure that the litter level is between the min. and max. fill lines.

Pros Of Littermaid Self-Cleaning Litter Box:

  • No need to manually scoop the litter on daily basis
  • Odor-free environment
  • Clean space for your pet cats to answer the call of nature
  • Does not require daily attention

You will never have to worry about your kids or other pets such as dogs being exposed to cat waste again. The self-cleaning technology scoops waste clumps and deposits the clumps into the waste receptacle, which is enclosed and cordoned off.

Can accommodate households with multiple cats

Cons Of Littermaid Self-Cleaning Litter Box (Some Problems Faced By The Owners Of The LM980)

Although there are many benefits and pros of Littermaid litter box, there are also some problems associated with it. Here are some most common issues with this unit:

1). The cat’s urine soaks down through the litter and sticks on the bottom of the pan. The plastic rake that does the scooping process is too weak to scrape off the sticky urine clump from the bottom, thus leaving it stuck on the bottom of the box.

2). Some owners have also complained about the plastic rake breaking apart when it meets the sticky clay/urine combo and the rake sometimes get loose or jammed when trying to move a medium size clump.

3). The motor and the gears inside the unit aren’t powerful and can’t handle much pressure

4). You have to spend additional money on buying Littermaid disposable waste receptacles. *(A genius trick is to line the waste receptacle with a plastic bag instead of just disposing of it when it was full).

Final Verdict:

The Littermaid Self-Cleaning Litter Box works pretty well. The advanced self-cleaning technology takes the dirty work out of pet parenting, and the 4 built-in carbon filters keep the odors down. Although there are some issues associated with the unit there are some tricks to avoid the common pitfalls. For example 1) You can line the waste receptacle with a plastic bag instead of just disposing of it when it was full. 2) To prevent waste clumps from sticking to the bottom, you can follow the old wives tale that states spraying Pam cooking spray on a new litter box and dusting with baking powder. 3) If the motor struggles or the automatic rake gets jammed, you must use good-quality, premium litter.