EcoFlex Cat Litter Box Review

EcoFlex Cat Litter Box is made of natural, renewable materials and it’s dishwasher-safe. The EcoFlex Cat Litter Box is the best cat litter box for your pet. It’s made of natural, renewable materials and it’s dishwasher-safe. A clean house used to be a myth for me as a cat parent. Not anymore, I have recently bought an EcoFlex cat litter box. It’s not only a litter box but a true definition of a decorative and functional product.

Since I am very particular about my house’s cleanliness and its appearance this product has served me the purpose. This cat litter box is not only useful for keeping cat litter confined in a litter box rather than sprinkled in the entire house, but it also is so urbanized that it looks like an end table. Its outer appearance is of an end table with a cat window to hoop inside from the front. With easy front opening to take the litter box out for cleaning.

EcoFlex Cat Litter Box Review

EcoFlex cat litter box is made up of non-toxic recycled plastic and reclaimed wood. With a range of four colors to choose from; Antique White, Grey, Espresso Black and Russet Brown. EcoFlex litter box not only will give an appearance of an end table but could hold some of the end table stuff like a small decoration piece, obviously not a very delicate one since cat has to move in and out. My Russel is a clumsy furry ball so I definitely cannot keep, delicate and expensive things over it. But yes when I am sitting next to it I can rest my bag on it for a while or keys or mobile etc.

It’s a simple contemporary design with elegant russet Brown paint, completely disguise that no one can guess it’s a litter box. It is the best cat litter box for this decade. My Russel is so happy like have allowed him to poop on furniture. Yeah it’s funny……. But since this litter box is home, he is more keen and excited to use it as it’s not like other boring litter boxes. It’s like a complete private loo for my Russel.

When I ordered it I was worried that I might need all the tools to assemble it, but it’s such a piece of cake to do so. Secondly, its cleaning is so effortless, as it does not soak any material into it. You can easily rinse it off. Now it’s durability is also worthy of talk, that it’s resistant to moisture and does not crack etc.

It’s such an astonishment for the guests, especially the ones who don’t have a cat of their own, they obviously think it’s an end table. The best thing is its design is contemporary that it can easily go with any furniture type. Keeping its grace maintained. EcoFlex cat litter box is 22 inches in height, with a width of 18.5 inches, and 23.6 inches length. This standard measurement makes it an easy fit in your home décor.

EcoFlex cat litter box opens from the front like a Hooper window so the litter box inside could be removed for cleaning and restoration.  The litter box inside the end table loo is the same traditional box that could easily be cleaned and it doesn’t absorb any litter in it so the smell is not the problem anymore. But yes one of the things that find a little annoying about Russel is that whenever there are guests he wants to be in the same room and he uses that particular litter box instead of any other around the house, which makes it inconvenient for guests to set there with smell and it’s very obnoxious to take the inside litter box out and clean to eradicate smell from the room. Well, I guess I need to teach Russel some manners now……….

The rest about the product, it’s an A+ thing if you are looking for a smart litter box, which appeals to the eyes too and serves more than just a litter box.

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  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Slightly expensive