Best Petmate Litter Box Reviews Cleaning and managing your pet’s litter and wastes is one of the most difficult phases of pet keeping. No matter how many precautions you take or how many conventional methods you apply that so your pet’s litter do not spread out. It will still spread out because of the fact that the methods you are applying are not usually enough. Litter managing can be a more disturbing and hectic thing to do for owners with multiple pets in their house.

Therefore, in order to save yourself and your house from the litter of your pets scattered here and there and to protect your sense of smell from inhaling the bad odor of your pet’s wastes, you all need some proper litter disposal system that is reliable and also reduces your efforts too. Litter boxes are a perfect option for litter disposal of any pet and are available in markets in large variety. Here below, we are stating some reviews of the most commonly sold litter boxes from the leading pet care products company named Petmate.

Best Petmate Litter Box Reviews

Read these Best Petmate Litter Box Reviews to get the best one.

1) Petmate Booda Dome Litter Box

Petmate Booda Dome Litter BoxThis small covered litter box is not only useful in keeping the litter from spreading but is also an excellent litter’s odor absorbent too. Petmate Booda Dome Litter Box comes in shiny and beautiful titanium color and a handy size. The box is somewhat circular in shape and is just 15 inches in height.

This litter box has a covered litter pan that prevents the scattering of litter and also provides privacy to the pet. It has charcoal filters fitted inside so as to absorb the entire bad odor and retain it inside the box. The exclusive circular shape of the box makes it easy to clean it.

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2) Petmate 22026 Jumbo Hooded Litterbox

Petmate 22026 Jumbo Hooded LitterboxPetmate 22026 Jumbo Hooded Litter box is another great product by Petmate that is making the lives of hundreds of pet’s owners easier than ever. This square shaped hooded pan is available in assorted colors like almond, sand, crystal. With its exceptional square shape and an elegant design, the pan is bound to provide privacy to your pet while it does its thing. This jumbo sized litter box is suitable for an animal of large sizes too. The pan measures about 22*18*18.5 inches in size.

It is made of special Microban that provides durability to the material. Microban structure resists stains and is also resilient to mold and bacterial growth. The size and shape of this Petmate 22026 Jumbo Hooded Litter box are of great advantage as it makes it easy to fit anywhere. The pet litter box is very light in weigh and hence can be easily moved from one place to another. However, it has no handle on its top but has a specific lock feature that prevents the door from opening. The hood latches enough so as to prevent the leakage of litter.

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3) Petmate Giant Litter Pan for Cat

Petmate Giant Litter Pan for CatThis giant litter pan by Petmate is the always advisable for big sized animals as its base is wide profiled and wholly it is made up of a very durable material and can endure heavyweight animals. The pan divides into 3 compartments; one for litter and the others for storage. Having separate storage compartments makes scooping of the litter easier. But it is worth noting that the larger compartment is also not at all difficult to clean up. The elementary material used in its structure is basically a plastic. This plastic mostly contains micro bans. Microban is an antibacterial substance that fights against the growth of stain and also resists odor-causing bacteria.

Microban is also resistant to fungus and rust. Due to its huge size, petmate’s giant litter pan is much suitable for homes with multiple cats or can be used for other pets too. The base pan of this litter box is very tough and can hence, hold more than 30 pounds of litter in weight. The size of the pan is 27*17 inches for litter compartment whereas the side pockets measure 17*6 inches in size. Nevertheless, this box is not covered from the top. Hence nor can it provide the privacy to the animals and neither it can trap the whole odor inside itself.

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4) Petmate Clean Step Litter Dome

Petmate Clean Step Litter DomePetmate Clean Step Litter Dome is a somewhat circular structure in shape and has a very brilliant design. The best thing about the design of this litter box is that it has a specially designed step at the entrance and exit that can trap the litter attached to the cat’s paws. The basic structure is a durable plastic that is not only strong but also very elegant looking. It can be placed anywhere without the fear of it looking weird.

The box covers from the top and hence it provides your animal with privacy and isolation. This unique private enclosure also prevents the leakage and scattering of litter. The dome measure approximately 22 inches in length and also, 22 inches in width. Whereas, the estimated height of this box is about 19 inches. The box’s charcoal fitted filters, as well as it’s closed and constricted design, also help in the odor control.

The size of this box is 50% larger as compared to other dome-shaped boxes. It can accommodate large sized pets while providing them with discrete space. There is also a built-in handle at the top for easy and accessible handling. Petmate Clean Step Litter Dome weighs approximately 5.3 pounds and therefore it can easily be lifted by anyone even the kids. The box is, however, only suitable for the cats and little puppies but your big dogs can’t get in it in any way. The liners (that come along with this product free of cost) can protect the inside plastic tray of the litter box and facilitate easy cleaning. Its strong and durable structure makes it rain and water resistant. But still, it is advisable to cover it with some sort of plastic sheet because there are small holes from where the water can seep in easily.

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5) Petmate Hooded Cat Litter Pan

Petmate Hooded Cat Litter PanPetmate’s hooded cat litter pan is available in many exciting colors. It does the job of litter holding very well. The litter pan has a slightly raised back area. This elevation helps in capturing and holding the scattered litter both in hard or liquid form. The opening of this litter pan is wide and large enough to facilitate the easy and fast entrance and exit of your pets. The hood rests very safely over the pan. However, the overall structure of the pan is strong and durable enough to bear and hold the weight of more than one animal.

The pan is fitted with carbon filters that hold the odor inside. Hence prevents your house from smelling like a cat’s pee. The pan measures 19 inches in Length and 15 inches in width. The height of this pan is 17 in inches. The pan is professionally molded in at feet so as to maintain its toughness and rigidity. The pan’s plastic consists of micro bangs which make are resistant and protects it against bacteria, fungus, molds, and other such germs. Its infused ribbon bottom gives it extra strength and makes it the strongest litter pan ever available in the market. Though you can use it for any animal size. It is specially made to meet the needs of large-sized fluffy cats that are reported to love their litter pan.

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6) Petmate Open Litter Pan

Petmate Open Litter PanThis is relatively a very simple and easily affordable pet’s litter collector pan. It is less advantage and has lesser advanced features as compared to all the above-mentioned pet litter pans. Petmate’s open litter pan is made up of durable plastic that ensures it doesn’t break and bear the weight of the large cats too. It has an open style with no cover on its top. Hence it cannot provide your pet with the privacy and discretion which is provided by other closed pet litter trays. Even with this simple design, the petmate’s open litter pan is very easy to hold and clean. It provides great help to you in your pet litter cleaning issues.

It keeps the litter from spreading and easily move from one place to another. Its size is large enough to keep the big sized cat’s litter in it too. Its curves corners from inside the bottom make the lifting and scooping of litter waste very easy. The box can endure a weight of over 30 pounds easily. The box measures 24 inches in Length, 17 inches in width at the widest place and about 9.5 inches in height in the tallest part of the. The part where the cat enters from is almost 7 inches in length, which is pretty suitable for big cats too. The only problem is that this cannot hold in the smell. Hence if you have it placed in your house, you have to do a lot of cleaning.

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