When it comes to choosing the best self-cleaning cat litter box, there are a few things you need to take into account. First of all, consider the size of your cat and the size of the litter box. A larger cat will need a bigger box, so make sure you take that into account when making your decision. Secondly, think about how often you want the box to be cleaned. If you have a large cat that goes to the bathroom often, then you’ll need a box that can be cleaned more frequently. Finally, consider the price. Self-cleaning litter boxes can vary significantly in price, so make sure you choose one that fits your budget. With these factors in mind, you should be able to find the best self-cleaning cat litter box for your needs.

A cat litter box is an absolute need in a house where there are cats. If you got a cat? Then you need to pay proper attention to their bathroom habits. To deal with their messes you need to get the Cleanest top-rated cat litter box right now. In case you are in a hurry to see which is the top-selling affordable cat litter box then that’s Modkat Litter box having a large number of positive reviews on Amazon. Your cat can get used to the litter box depending upon the size, shape, and type of the litter box.best cats litter box 2020

There are automatic self-cleaning and manual litter boxes available which differ in size, shape, and price. There is a number of brands in the market offering several litter box models ranging from expensive to inexpensive making it difficult for you to choose the best one. That said, we have curated this list of top cat litter boxes by doing extensive research for days to collect the right information for you in order to help you decide which cat litter box is the best of all. This list contains litter boxes suitable for all budget people so you can pick your favorite one according to your needs and requirements.

Top 11 Best Cat Litter Box

Litter Boxes Ratings Price
Modkat Litter Box Kit 9.9/10 Check Price
Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan 9.8/10 Check Price
PetSafe ScoopFree 9.7/10 Check Price
PetSafe Simply Clean 9.6/10 Check Price
Cat Genie 9.8/10 Check Price
Nature's Miracle Disposable LitterBox 9.2/10 Check Price
Omega Paw Roll 9.7/10 Check Price
PetMate Hi-Back Litter Pan 9.3/10 Check Price
LitterMaid LM980 Mega 9.2/10 Check Price
Pet Zone Smart Scoop 9.1/10 Check Price

These top litter box reviews to pick your favorite self-cleaning or automatic litter box.

1) Modkat Litter Box Kit – Best Automatic Cat Litter Box

Modkat Litter Box KitThe Modkat Litter Box Kit is a top entry and side exit litter box that provides options for cats. It is easy to clean and modular in design, making it perfect for small spaces. The kit includes a tray, ramp, and cover. Modkat Litter Box is a sleek and stylish litter box that is available in five colors. This modern design with a measurement of 16″ x 16″ x 15″ can blend into any room and won’t take much space.

You don’t need to worry about litter tracking and stray litter as Modkat’s litter box does this job of cleaning efficiently. It’s top-entry design and walk-off matt allow the litter to be in the box and off your kitty’s paws. You can easily dispose of waste and refresh the litter with this unique design, you just have to remove the reusable liner and then empty the refill with fresh litter.

In addition, it traps unpleasant odors inside the box, so in case you are a bit overdue for a litter change, you might not even notice it. This Modkat litter box brings almost everything which is required to set up your cat’s litter box, like a litter scoop, a base in which the box is itself, reusable trap liner for simple litter removal. If you or your cats are not happy with the purchase you also get the money-back guarantee from the manufacturer within 30 days.

  • Affordable Price
  • Compact Design
  • Easy to use
  • The odor might be unpleasant for you

2) Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan – Best Affordable

Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter PanThe Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan is a stylish and functional litter box that is perfect for homes with one or multiple cats. The large, hooded design provides your cats with a private space to do their business, while the built-in filter helps reduce odors. This cat litter box is the most popular one among the litter box series. Having a large number of positive reviews this litter box is the most durable, best-budget and the biggest size litter box for cats.

Reportedly said, this litter box contained the cats’ messes avoiding litter tracking. Because this litter box is so large—its dimensions are 22.4″ x 18.3″ x 17″—it’s best for households with multiple cats, very large cats or cats that appreciate a little extra space while they’re doing their business.

Despite its massive size, this litter box is super simple to clean and refresh with new litter. The hood lifts for easy access and the built-in bag anchor helps keep bags of litter open, so your hands are free to scoop. Plus, it’s carbon filter traps and reduces litter box odors.

If your cat doesn’t like this litter box’s hood or attached door, both can be removed to fit his or her preference.
  • Best Budget
  • Unique Design
  • Larger Size

3. PetSafe ScoopFree – Best Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

PetSafe ScoopFreeCats are adorable. They make great pets. It is very important to keep the cats happy. It is very easy to groom cats with littering habits. They can be taught where to go and which place to use when they want to litter. It is highly essential to keep the litter box clean every time the cat uses it. The cats don’t prefer using the untidy and the unclean litter boxes.

As it is a difficult thing to keep it clean therefore the cat cleaners are looking for some best automatic litter box. There is a number of best self-cleaning litter boxes available. They are great for single cats and for multiple cats. It is not easy to get hold of the top-rated litter boxes. I f a cat owner is striving hard to find out that what is the best cat litter box then he checks all possible options of the electric self-scooping litter box.

In this search for the scoop free litter box, you can use the high tech option as the PetSafe ScoopFree. Just like the product by cat genie products it is also the highest-rated electronic litter box for kitty. With its excellent auto scooping function, it can be justly referred to as the litter robot. There is no need to get tired and avoid cleaning the litter box. Get this litter system and enjoy the motorized rotating additions that make it an easy to clean litter box. It has a larger space for the cat to sit.

It has a smaller size to get settled in any place. It makes litter cleaning the easiest thing to do. It is covered and easy to manage. The unit has the ability to dispose of the litter automatically. It operates with the help of a high-quality crystal litter tray. The tray is highly absorbent and can perfectly absorb the urine and the other moisture in the litter. It has a perfect measurement of 27.5 x 19 x 7 inches while the litter area measures 14 x 14 inches. The litter area can be cleaned with the push button system. As soon as the cat leaves the box the cleaning cycle operates starts working after twenty minutes.

  • It has a sturdy built that can stay with you for a long time.
  • The PetSafe ScoopFree can be conveniently assembled and set up before the first
  • No bothering sounds are produced while working.
  • The waste is removed before it dries.
  • It prevents the litter odor to spread in the home.
  • It is comparatively expensive than other litter cleaning systems.
  • During the scraping, the dirty and the clean litter get mixed.

4. PetSafe Simply Clean

PetSafe Simply CleanWhat is the best cat litter box? If you are finding the answer to this question then it is time to check for the list of the highest-rated self-scooping litter box and the scoop free litter box. In this list of the auto scooping litter robot, the name of PetSafe is very significant. PetSafe simply cleans the litter system perfectly well for a kitty of all sizes even those of smaller size. This is also known as Whisker City Litterbox.

An interesting thing about this top-rated unit is that unlike other best automatic litter box units it does not produce any kind of sound while it is working. Its cleaning process is very slow but very effective and during the whole process, you will not listen to any sound from the unit. It is an excellent auto scooping litter box for multiple cats. It can be easily compared with the cat genie.

There is no need to avoid cleaning anymore. This litter box has covered all aspects. The unit consists of a rotating base coupled with a conveyor belt system that makes it easiest for the unit to collect and dispose of the cat’s waste. Due to the slow movement of the parts of the unit, you will not hear any type of sound. It is not just easy to clean the litter box but also a great litter robot. There is a larger bagged waste receptacle present in this unit that is capable of taking regular-sized rubbish bags and it is very easy for you to change the waste bags on a periodic basis.

This best self-cleaning litter box totally works on the autopilot system and there is no manual interference at all. This unit is able to maintain its freshness and cleanliness after every use. PetSafe Simply Clean is a very brilliant non-scooping litter pan solution that can be bought at a very reasonable price as compared to other high tech electric and electronic units. Furthermore, you don’t have to buy any kind of extra accessories for this unit to make it work.

  • Silent functioning.
  • No extra attachments needed.
  • Processes waste after every one hour.
  • It does not let the odor to spread
  • Prevents odor
  • Slow cleaning
  • Does not features any litter trailing mat

5. Cat Genie

CatGenie Self-Flushing Cat Box

The Cat Genie self-washing litter box is an amazing product that allows you to keep your cat’s litter box clean and fresh without any hassle or mess. It is a fully automatic system that uses special clumping litter and a unique cleaning process to remove all waste from the litter box. Cats make a lovely pet. It is very important to keep the cat clean and healthy. The health of the cat is also dependent on how the litter is disposed of.

Most cat owners avoid cleaning the litter box again and again. They want an easy-to-clean litter box. The process of cleaning the litter box clean becomes more challenging for multiple cats. As in our daily life, everything is going high tech many brands are creating electric and electronic self-scooping litter boxes and the top-rated scoop-free litter box.

If you want something similar for a kitty that can be a great litter robot capable of doing auto scooping, then try grabbing the motorized litter system by cat genie. If as a cat owner you are trying to know what is the best cat litter box. Then you can surely by this best automatic litter box by the Cat Genie. It is no doubt the best self-cleaning litter box that prevents you from thinking about rotating the litter again and again.

Due to its astounding features, it stands out as the highest-rated automated litter box. It is easiest to handle because it comes with washable granules. There is no need to replace the granules in it again and again. It has a larger size sitting area to accommodate the cat comfortably while littering. It works well with the Cat Genie granules that are made out of high-class plastic. Just attach it to the water source and then forget about having any odor or inconvenience. It is fitted with a covered flush box that flushes away the litter. There is no need for the cat to dig for the litter covering.

  • Smaller size, therefore, can easily fit in any place.
  • Transforms the litter into liquid form after scooping it automatically.
  • Uses washable granules for the litter box
  • Cannot be used for more than three cats aged 6 months or more.
  • It cannot be installed in areas with low water pressure.



Nature’s Miracle disposable litter box is the perfect solution for busy pet parents who want an easy and convenient way to keep their cats’ litter box clean. This disposable litter box is made with natural materials that are safe for your cat and the environment. If you own a cat or cats the most important thing is the cleanliness of the cat. If the cat litter is not removed properly it can be really problematic for both the pet and the residents of the home.

For those who avoid cleaning the litter system, again and again, there are some great high-tech, electric or electronic, self-scooping litter box and scoop the free litter box. There are several top-rated auto scooping litter systems for a single cat and also for multiple cats. If you are looking for some best automatic litter box or best self-cleaning litter box but you cannot afford a motorized litter box, then there is nothing to worry about.

You can get a manual cat genie with the brand title Nature’s Miracle Disposal Litter Box. Does it have all the answers to the query that what is the best cat litter box? It is considered as one of the highest-rated easy-to-clean litter boxes for kitties. If you are a frequent traveler who loves to take the cat along, then rotating the litter, again and again, is really challenging. In this case, this litter box is a great alternative to several larger litter boxes.

Due to its smaller size and easiest use, it is possible to take it along anywhere. It is made out of baking soda that neutralizes the impact of ammonia released by the cat litter. Thus, there would be no cat odor around you while traveling. As it is a disposable option hence can be thrown easily once used after multiple uses?

  • Large enough to accommodate a cat of any size.
  • Baking soda prevents the litter odors
  • Easy to handle features
  • Made out of strong and water-resistant materials
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Cannot be covered
  • Need stock of litter boxes when on a long time traveling.

7. Omega Paw Roll

Omega Paw RollThe Omega Paw Roll ‘n Clean Litter Box is an innovative self-cleaning litter box that makes cleaning up after your cat quick and easy. Simply roll the litter box over on its top and the built-in grater will separate the clean litter from the waste, depositing the waste into a convenient waste tray.We are living in a high tech world. It has become very important to make our lives easy by getting the most innovative and the most advanced electric and electronic devices.

They are found everywhere in our homes, Kitchen, bedroom, living room there is no place in the domestic premises that is not tech invaded. Similar is the situation with pet keeping. Among the different pets, it is the cat that is the most sophisticated option. It loves to stay in clean and healthy places. A cat owner is usually concerned with the litter system. In a busy life, it is very difficult to keep cleaning the litter area for kitty.

They avoid cleaning the litter box again and again. It becomes essential to get some easy to clean the litter box. Nothing is more appropriate than having the best automatic litter box. If you ask any cat owner that what is the best cat litter box, then in an instant he would reply something that is auto scooping and not less than Litter-Robot. Among these names of best self-cleaning litter box there is one name that is not motorized but still is the highest rated litter box. It is none other than Omega Paw Roll.

It is an excellent addition to anyone’s pet gadgets regardless of the fact that it is needed for one cat or for multiple cats. Omega Paw Roll is a top-rated self-scooping litter box. It is a great scoop free litter box that does not electricity or any mechanical parts for operations. It can be compared with the cat genie auto flush litter box. The litter can be removed by rotating litter box. There is a larger grate fitted inside this covered litter box. A screen separates the used and the unused litter in the litter box. It is the best litter box for smaller size cats. Even it is the easiest place to look for bigger cats.

  • Fitted with a patented grill inside.
  • No extra usage of energy.
  • Removes wastes in few seconds.
  • Excellent for large-sized cats.
  • Poo can clog the gaps
  • No door in the front so the box can turn over when the cat is coming out.


PETMATE HI-BACK LITTER PANWhat is the best cat litter box? If you are a cat owner then this question will matter to you a great deal. Some cat owners will prefer getting the best automatic litter box and some will prefer buying the best self-cleaning litter box. The cleanliness of the home and the pets are significant especially for multiple cats. For those who want maximum cleanliness in the minimum possible time would prefer to buy an electric litter pan that is a self-scooping litter box.

The scoop-free litter box is also there on the market in this high-tech world. These auto-scooping litter boxes work like the litter robot. For hassle-free litter cleaning, many pet owners buy a litter system that is motorized. In this world of technology if you are looking forward to a top-rated cat genie that would not need frequent rotating and is easy to clean litter box that is larger than the usual manually cleaned litter boxes then it is better to get the HiBack Wave Pan by the Petmate. The company is among the highest-rated manufacturers of kitty products. Read a detailed review about petmate litter box.

The HiBack Wave Pan is a sleek and stylish way to keep your cat clean and healthy. Due to the polished surface, it is easy to clean and maintain. It is made out of the United States antimicrobial protection. It prevents the most hated cat litter odors. Thus, it ensures a perfectly healthy and clean environment. It is extremely strong, reliable, and durable due to the most recent rim design and the reinforced bottom.

Due to the larger back, it is not possible for the cat to scatter the litter. The sides and the front are smaller sizes so that the animal can reach the litter box without any problems. The sides have an easy to hold grip handles. It measures 23.79″ X 19.75″ X 11.99″ and has a weight of 2.26 lbs. We also have a detailed guide about best-heated beds for cats. Have a look at these.

  • No need for rotating the litter again and again
  • Easiest to handle the cat litter box
  • Spacious and has a larger capacity
  • Easy to clean features
  • Great for cat owners who avoid cleaning again and again
  • Cannot be covered

9. LitterMaid LM980 Mega

LitterMaid LM980 MegaWhat is the best cat litter box? When we talk about the top-rated entry-level rake-operated litter boxes then a prominent name that comes in the list is that of The Littermaid ML980 Mega. It stands out among the best automatic litter box options. In the high-tech world of the most expensive electric and electronic litter system, it is an affordable option to get rid of cat litter.

Although it does not cost much, it does not mean that it cannot compete with the best self-cleaning litter box. It is easy to clean the litter box that can be used for multiple cats. This is because the litter pan is larger in size and quite spacious. It is created by classical design. Due to the safe high walls of the surroundings, it is great for both larger and smaller size cats. The litter is not covered but still, the high walls of the surroundings don’t allow the sand to come out due to the kicking of the hyperactive pet.

If you are a cleanliness freak and can’t avoid cleaning litter boxes after some use then getting this litter box is the easiest way for a kitty to stay happy. It might not be the self-scooping litter box or a scoop-free litter box, but still, it works not less than any motorized, auto-scooping litter box like those by the cat genie. There is no need to keep rotating the sand grains and the sand granules. Like any litter robot, it can retain litter for almost a week. It is also the highest rated because it does not require any branded accessories for removing litter.

Check the Detailed Review & guide about Littermaid Litterbox.

  • Automated rake scooping.
  • Easy to remove rake for cleaning.
  • Takes only ten minutes to start the cleaning cycle.
  • It has enough space to accommodate larger cats.
  • A quick collection of wastes
  • Waste gets stuck in the rakes.
  • Requires daily cleaning if you have more than one cat
  • Not enough deep

10. Pet Zone Smart Scoop

Pet Zone Smart ScoopThe people owning cats prefer buying the best automatic litter box. Manual cleaning is time-consuming. It is possible to get perfect cleaning of the litter box by buying the best self-cleaning litter box. The litter box cleaning is a pain-stricken task whether you own a single cat or you need it for multiple cats. There are numerous top-rated automated litter boxes available in the market.

These litter boxes are created to search for an answer to the query that what is the best cat litter box? In modern times the answer to the question rests in the high tech electric self-scooping litter box. For people who avoid cleaning the litter manually, the scoop-free litter box is a high tech option. After the creation of excellent litter boxes by cat genie, the race of creating the highest-rated electronic litters for kitty became really popular.

These auto-scooping litter boxes work like the litter robot. Among the several motorized litter system available on the market one popular name is PetZone Smart Scoop. It is easy to clean a litter box. It is very important to keep rotating the litter granules in traditional litter boxes. In the case of the PetZone Smart Scoop, there is nothing to worry about. It offers the easiest way to clean the cat litter without leaving behind any odor.

It might not appear much different from the traditional litter boxes but the automation makes it so. It has a larger litter area that measures 18.25” Wx 7.5” H. Hence any cat whether smaller size or larger one can comfortably move into it.

It works with the help of a receptacle that comes with an easy-to-install waste bag. It is great for one cat but if you own more cats then you might have to replace the bags frequently. The manufacturers have added an easy-to-understand manual that has covered almost all aspects of this handy and perfect litter box.

  • Any kind of biodegradable waste can be used.
  • Makes little or no noise
  • Spacious opening for easy access to the cat.
  • Comes in two different sizes
  • No odor due to carbon filters.
  • Frequent use can cause a problem in removing the wastes effectively due to jamming.

11. IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box Review – Best Cat Litter Box For Smell

iris cat litter boxThe best litter boxes are those that are comfortable to the cats and does not cause any issue to the cat parents either. That’s why IRIS the American brand manufactured a top entry litter box by considering the convenience of the cat parents and the comfort of the cat.

Every piece of the litter box has been made up of plastic material, but still, it does not looks flimsy and cheap. Its shade and design can blend with any sort of home décor. Long story short, the design of the box is a simple yet attractive one.

The shape of the box is like a trash box and the space inside is enough larger, that your cat can comfortably get her business done. Moreover, the lid at the top acts as a walk-off a mate for your cat. All of the litter that has been stuck in your cat’s paw will fall back into the box due to the lid.

The cat can do her business comfortably, and the round edges at the top allow you to clean it easily. For cleaning, you just need to pick up the box from the rounded edges and have to pour all the litter into the trash bag. That’s it, now just add litter in the box so that your cat use it again.

The top entrance hole of the box is not enough wider, only an average cat can easily get into this box. If you have a bulky cat, then still it could be used by removing the top lid. But in this way, you can’t reduce litter tracking.

Overall, the litter box is ideal for average-sized cats. If you are looking for a basic litter box at a reasonable price, then this is the model that you should consider. But if you have more than one cat at home, then it’s better to look at any other model. Check out also International Cat Day celebrate on Every year 8 Aug.


  • Simple yet Attractive design
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Reduce litter tracking
  • Can’t control odor strongly