IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box Review

American brand IRIS figure out that there are very few litter boxes that cater to the cat and cat’s parent needs at the same time. That’s why they come up with their own top entry litter box.

It had been designed to eliminate all of the problems that are associated with other models. Many users are praising this unit over the internet and claiming it to be the best fit litter box. Here in this IRIS top entry cat litter box review, we will explore everything about it.

IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box Review

So let’s get started;

The Good

Design and Material

In the design, it is not similar to any other expensive and premium litter boxes. It has the simplest design and the shape is like a trash-bin. But the shades that the manufacturer has used on the body allows you to place it in any corner of the room. Because it can blend with any sort of home décor.

Furthermore, every piece and the component has been made up of plastic. Being the cat-supply, it should be of plastic, because cat’s find it hard to tear it down. Even if your cat has a habit of chewing, still it will last long.  And again, plastic will never give you a flimsy look just because of its well-planned shades.

Covered litter box

IRIS litter box has a lid at the top, and in the lid, there is a hole from where your cat can get into this box. The purpose of installing the lid is the privacy of your cat. Now she can do her business in front of you, but still, everything will be out of others sight.

After defecating, every cat has the habit to cover and dig her waste. Your cat will do the same, and during the cats digging process the litter of the box stuck into the paws of the cat. And it falls on the floor when she came out of the box.

For keeping your floor safe from the litter, the lid has been installed. After doing her business, when your cat jumps out of the box, all the stuck litter will fall back into the box via lid holes.

Litter tracking is the problem that every cat parent wants to eliminate, if you also don’t want to witness litter tracking anymore, then this litter box is the best option for you.

If you are looking for more options then have a look at our guide of best cat litter boxes to buy in 2019.

Easy to clean

Along with the cat’s comfort, they have also considered the convenience of the cat parent. There is nothing like an automatic cleaning process that makes it easy to clean.

They just have made the round edges at the top that allows the user to pick up the box easily. Remove the lid, pick up the box from the rounded edges and pour out the litter into the trash bag. That’s all which you have to do for cleaning this litter box.

Moreover, you need to scoop the litter box regularly for maintaining it. If you don’t scoop it regularly, then your cat will use your room’s corner for defecating instead of the litter box.


Only for one cat

There is a lot of the space inside the box that the cat can get her business done comfortably, but still, it is not suitable for the multiple cats.

Humans can wait if someone is in the toilet, but the cats can’t. So, if you have more than one cat in your home, then it’s better to look at other options.


Another shortcoming is the entrance hole. The top entry is the best option when you have to train your cat, because they love to explore things, and the top entry provokes them to explore litter box too.

But the hole that they have made is not the wider one, only the skinny and average-sized cats can get into this box via hole. If your cat is bulky, then we would not recommend you to go with this box.

Although the lid can be removed for the bulky cats, in this case, you have to deal with litter tracking issue.

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IRIS top entry litter box is the user-friendly option for every cat parent. If you don’t like to clean the waste of your cat or you are fed up with the litter tracking, then IRIS is the unit that you must-have in your house.

  • Simple yet Attractive design
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Reduce litter tracking
  • Can’t control odor strongly
  • Suitable for only 1 cat