Best Littermaid Litter Box ReviewsWho does not loves animals? Obviously, all of us love them and many of us like keeping them in our houses. We are pretty sure that you all and so many other people around you must be having pets in their houses. We all the love the cute adorable stuff our pet cats and dogs do. So we love how they become more like a family member to us with the passage of time. But despite the fact that these little small creatures are very dear to us. We all hate the mess and especially the litter these little munchkins keep on spreading here and there.

The litter spread by our pets is not only a source of disgust for the members of our house. But can also make us feel severely ashamed in front of the other people who visit us. Just imagine that you have some guests over in your house and as soon as they sit in your drawing room. They have to cover their noses because of the fact that your house smells like cat’s pee. Or just imagine them entering your house and getting solid litter stick under their shoes… totally embarrassing! Right?

So as to save yourself and your family from this disgust and shame. You need a proper method to dispose of the waste your animals. The basic problem of disposing of the litter of your pets is that, if done manually, it can cost you a lot of time and efforts. None of us have this much time to clean and manage the litter of our cats or dogs or, in some cases, both. We all have busy lives and if we spent all our time at home in cleaning the dirty mess of our pets. We will not be able to have any time of energy left to spend it for both our family and our pets.

Technology has advanced in all aspects and also in terms of providing the ease for our animals. Now, in the market, there are a lot of advanced methods and equipment available that can make our job of litter managing not only easy and time-saving but can also save us from the disgust that the animal’s waste brings in to our lives.

There are a lot of companies and products available in the market now that can make your job of litter cleaning easier and all of them are mostly very affordable. If you look and notice around, you will see so many households with different litter collectors that are doing the job of litter collection and disposal very well. There are so many companies that claim that their litter collector boxes are best. But the market products are so confused that finding the one that is perfect your pet is very difficult. Here below we have compiled and reviewed two of the very frequently sold litter boxes from the famed company Littermaid. Read the reviews and decide which one is more suited to you.

About Littermaid

Littermaid is one of the most famous and universally trusted brands that specialize in making all the products related to cats litter. Their belief is that they understand cats more than anyone because they love cats more than anyone. As the name suggests, the company’s products do the work like a maid for litter will do. For about more than a decade, this company is proving itself as a frontrunner in supplying practical solutions to dump the cat’s litter. Their products are specially designed so that you and your cat can have a fresh and the cleanest surroundings.

The company provides you with a wide range of automatic litter boxes that assist you in managing your pet’s litter with zero hassle, The Company tries to pave new roads and find new ways to provide your cats with the best and comfortable places to do their thing along. With providing you ease of managing and incomplete disposal of that waste. The products by Littermaid are definite to be loved by your cats as they provide your cats with innovation in all the products related to their waste managing. Not only this brand is exceeding in making the litter related products but there are also the feline care products range produced by the prestigious Littermaid that helps ensure and amplify the contentment, ease, well-being, and best imaginable interior setting for your cats.

Apart from producing large boxes, Littermaid also excels in manufacturing other accessories like the litter boxes, litter scoopers, and lifters, litter deodorizers. Moreover, litter pans, litter box accessories, litter area spreading carpets, and many other such things. The excellent staff and minds behind these Littermaid products know that you love your cats and that your happiness and wellbeing is directly proportional to your animals’ well-being and health. Therefore, they make sure that your animal and consequently you, do not ever feel short of any product that provides ease. Hence, are innovating more and more things related to your pets every day.

1) Littermaid LM980 Mega Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Littermaid LM980 Mega Self-Cleaning Litter BoxThis mega self-cleaning litter box is one of the most amazing litters collecting and cleaning boxes ever available in the market. The box is made up of a very durable material and is very easy and safe for your cats. The box has a very big litter receiving basin. It can store and manages a large amount of litter as compared to other classic and simple litter boxes. Moreover, the box has the ability of store a lot of litter inside it and hence is suitable for households with multiple cats.

There is also a paw cleaning slide on the box. This paw cleaner makes sure that the litter residues left in the cat’s paws are properly cleaned before the cat starts running onto your carpet or jumps on your couch. The box is self-cleaning in the sense that the litter from inside the box is punctually scooped and lifted and is deposited in a waste collector box. Moreover, this device is fitted with high-quality carbon filters. It helps in absorbing the bad odor and cease it from spreading all out.

The box lessens much of your litter job due to its big storage box and efficient transport system from the main area to the storage box. All you have to do is to clean and scoop the storage box. Or what can also be called as the receptacles whenever you feel the need and get the time to do so. The box, on the whole, contains 4 big waste receptacles and 4 carbon filters for efficient storage and efficient odor capture respectively. Moreover, the box is durable and strong enough and can easily bear the weight of a 15-pound animal.

The box has a removable automatic rake that assists easy cleaning. There is also a safety bar that is fitted so that it can stop the rake in the case of a blockade. Everything about this box’s proper functioning is based on the competence of its sensor. It is must for the sensor to remain motionless for about 10 seconds after the cat has used. Right after the cat leaves the box; the sensor starts working and the cleaning cycle is initiated.

2) LitterMaid P-70000 Disposable Litter Box

LitterMaid P-70000 Disposable Litter BoxThis scrapped, tapered looking and unique litter box is a very good option for you if you don’t want to clean the waste of your animals again and again. This box is a very lightweight and easy to use box made up of a specific material. That is helpful in keeping the litter from leakage and keeps the litter fresh and dry for long times. The box provides an easy way to clean the mess and is also very easy to handle. Its unique outwards look is superb because it is made up of a recycled form of paper that is very strong than ordinary paper.

The box protects the home from litter odor and has an easy one-step cleaning process required. The box is suitable for storage of all types of litter. The cleaning process is very efficient and ensures that you get a fresh and clean box every single time. The dimensions of this box measure 17.1 x 12.4 x 6.2 inches in total.

The box does not require a liner of any kind as this box is made up of an absorbent material. Moreover, the box is not fully biodegradable but will taper slowly over the course of time. The lightweight of this box makes it really suitable for traveling and this box can be placed anywhere because of its compact size. The boxes are very stable and usually don’t break. Your cats will love this box and you will definitely like them too.

We hope and believe that these litter box reviews will save you a lot of your precious time and energy. Otherwise, you would have spent in the market for finding the perfect litter box for your cats.

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